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Grata Consulting Group

Новітні PR-технології для Grata Consulting Group

Представництво Міжнародної організації з міграції в Україні (МОМ)

Popularization of Diversity Initiative Reconstruction of Diversity Initiative web portal

Київський Ювелірний завод

Час висловлювати почуття

Одеський консервний завод дитячого харчування

Тимошенко звернулася до народу в День здоров'я

Чемпіонат України з пляжного футболу

Пляжний футбол в Україні


«Вирушай у солодку подорож з АВК»



Get to know this diverse world! 

Diversity – is the most diverse meaning that reflects all the differences between nations. We share much more in common than we think. All people smile, all people feel, wish love, etc. All people are citizens of one Earth, using technologies, food, services by each other, and sometimes don’t even know anything about it. The up-growing generation has a chance to be imbued with culture and traditions of other nations and get inspired by the diversity of this world, turn on imagination and creative thinking, and make their contribution into prosperous society!

Diversity Initiative is aimed to show people this diverse world, unite people under same moral principles. DI strives to uphold human dignity and well-being of migrants, refugees and visible minorities in Ukraine, support them in their beginnings, and provide constant help and support.

Project goal:
Develop and integrate creative tools to promote values and principles of Diversity initiative and increase awareness of DI activity among youth and media.

Key objectives:
Develop interactive activity that will underline diversity of this world and people, and promote principles of intercultural dialogue between people and nations, that DI stands for.

Solution steps:
Development of online quiz about culture and traditions of different countries around the world (customs, art, history, cuisine etc), which is deeply integrated in the most popular social networks. From the technical side it meant development of special functional vidget and its integration to Diversipedia portal. Participants are offered to:

  • Register in a Quiz via social account (Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte);
  • Choose the correct answer out of 4 possible;
  • Claim their super-prize in case of winning;
  • Share information on the contest in social accounts;

SMM: news about the Quiz has been spread on forums/blogs/social accounts in correspondence with TA, that led to significant increase of Diversipedia attendance;

Work with media:

  • development of press-release;
  • work with key media, spreading press-release and valuable presents from Diversipedia; 
    banner campaign: targeted banner campaign to support the Quiz allowed to attract mass audience to Diversity Initiative portal as well as Quiz;

(integration of a banner; when you click on it – simple and interactive vidget appears)

(step 1 – authorization via social account, step 2 – rules, step 3 – play the Quiz, step 4 – claim our prize from the “wish-list”)

While answering the questions that reflect cultural diversity participant learned more about this Diverse World. The questions concerned facts about international kitchen, culture, traditions, geography, and interesting facts. The prizes were specially devised to make people actually experience this diversity, try something OTHER than a usual routine. Chinese Tea ceremony, Italian Book of Culinary, or special Indian Shaman Tambourine – all this open’s the world of culture diversity.

Overall results:

  • 100% increase of visitors’ quantity per day;
  • About 2100 contacts through social media for the 4 weeks of project running;
  • Over 120 000 views;
  • 120% increase of constant friend-list in all social networks.

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